The Disney Gallery Set to Open this Fall in Bank of Main Street Building at Disneyland

The Disney Gallery is finally returning to Disneyland after being removed from its former location,which became the Disneyland Dream Suite.

With approximately the same amount of space as its former location, the Gallery will be divided into three main areas: two exhibit rooms and a gift shop and will incorporate the unique design elements of the Bank which will be incorporated in the story of a Bank being converted into an art gallery (how novel, we think!).

Walt Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine, who is Art Director for the project, says that the design and layout of the new gallery “will allow us to tell one continuous story, or three separate stories, as we used to in the former gallery. We’ll maintain the bank look and architecture and visually tell the story that this was an old bank that has been turned into an art gallery.  Guests will still see remnants of the old bank influence – like the vault!”

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