‘The Lion King,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ Others to Make 3D Blu-ray Debut in 2011

The Lion King on 3D Blu-rayThe Walt Disney Company announced plans today to release at least fifteen of its films on Disney 3D Blu-ray throughout 2011. Among the titles scheduled to be released are: The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and new films TRON: Legacy and Tangled.

Bolt, which has already been released as part of certain 3D Blu-ray packages, will also be available for everyone to own in 3D, as will Meet the Robinsons, G-FORCE, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Chicken Little which has been available in 3D via on-demand services.

In addition to the film being in 3D, each disc will include thematically linked 3D menus, 3D previews of coming-attractions trailers and an introduction to the eye-popping world of Disney Blu-ray 3D featuring beloved characters Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King.

“As our contemporary library of 3D content continues to grow, and the original artists and filmmakers meticulously ‘dimensionalize’ their work for release on the Blu-ray 3D format, we will be offering movie-lovers the most incredible in-home entertainment experience they will ever have,” noted Lori MacPherson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. “In addition to offering new releases day-and-date in 3D and further cementing our leadership in the marketplace, we’re thrilled that consumers will have the exclusive Blu-ray 3D experience of two of the most celebrated Disney animated features, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast in their homes.”

No announcement of Toy Story 3 has been made as of yet, although the company made intentions last year of releasing it in 2010 and even gave hints at its release although it never materialized.

Interestingly enough, word was that Beauty and the Beast 3D, while released internationally, failed to see its release in 2010 because consumer demand for 3D at home was still considered in its infancy. This move suggests the feelings were quite the opposite, that a home video release appeared to be the wiser financial investment for the company.

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2 thoughts on “‘The Lion King,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ Others to Make 3D Blu-ray Debut in 2011

  1. Interesting approach. Could definitely give the 3D home entertainment movement the push it needs. Although I have no plans to actually purchase any 3D equipment for my home. It should be interesting to see what impact this has on the market.

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