‘The Mistle-Tones’ ABC Family Original Movie Musical to Premiere December 9

ABC Family will premiere The Mistle-Tones, an all new original musical starring Tori Spelling (‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’) and Tia Mowry (‘The Game’) on Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 pm ET/PT. The movie will air as part of the network’s annual ’25 Days of Christmas’ programming event.

In The Mistle-Tones, Holly (Tia Mowry), blessed with an amazing singing voice, is all set to audition for the newly vacated spot in a legendary local Christmas group which was founded by her late mother years ago. Shocked and upset when the slot goes to the barely talented best friend of the group’s leader, Marci (Tori Spelling), Holly sets out to create her own musical group, The Mistle-Tones. After challenging their rivals to a sing-off on Christmas Eve, Holly finds herself on a journey to the real meaning of Christmas — with some new friends and a new love thrown in for good measure. The film also stars Jonathan Patrick Moore, Reginald VelJohnson, Tammy Townsend, Andy Gala, Megan Kathleen Duffy, and Jason Rogel. The Mistle-Tones is executive produced by Maggie Malina (Single Ladies), from a script by Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas (My Super Psycho Sweet 16), and directed by Paul Hoen (Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam).

To make the holiday a little brighter, ABC Family will release an accompanying The Mistle-Tones movie soundtrack on Sunday, November 18. Featuring nine songs from the movie sung by the cast, the soundtrack will be available exclusively on Itunes.

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15 thoughts on “‘The Mistle-Tones’ ABC Family Original Movie Musical to Premiere December 9

  1. I’m excited to see this original Christmas film starring Tia Mowry! I especially like the sentimental message behind this movie’s story, with Tia’s character trying to find the meaning of Christmas again. I think Christmas programming is some of my favorite of all year. I’m glad my DISH coworker reminded me of Disney’s Christmas programming, I won’t be missing it this year. I’ll be recording it on my DISH Hopper. I like watching playbacks of recordings on this DVR because I can start in my basement and then continue watching on my living room TV, right where I left off.

    • Too bad Tori Spelling can get paid for “acting” she plays a good spoiled brat but they should not have been able to have the line bout “fitting into outfit.cuz she is bigger lips head & mouth and can’t fit in a fat clown outfit…which red lips & all

  2. Red lips & all made clowns look bad. Can’t b a homewrecker & live happily ever.after…oh yeah she’s figured that Dean thought she.had.$ & wasn’t goin to have 2 work

  3. I love this movie!!! Usually I hate any kind of musical but this was awesome. There wasn’t really that much music any way. Great job ABC.

  4. 😀 Just saw it tonight! It was rocking! Jon Patrick Moore makes to my ‘hottest number 1 actors’ list- right below Zac Efron and John Stamos of course. Question, what is the song that he sings when Holly video’s him on her iPhone? “…you set my soul on fire…” what is that song? I like it, but I can’t find it.

  5. Great movie….

    When does it come on again? I would love to watch it over and over again before Christmas…… 🙂

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