Thinkway Toys’ Toy Story Definitive Collection Vol 4: Lasseter Revs up on RC

The third installment of the very popular video series from Disney Consumer Products has been released in which John Lasseter talks about some of the background on RC from the Toy Story Definitive collectibles line from Thinkway Toys.

Check it out!

RC from the Toy Story Definitive Collection by Thinkway ToysHere’s some of the features you’ll find with the Toy Story Definitive Collection RC:

* The most movie accurate RC produced to date, completely in scale to Buzz Lightyear

* RC’s playful personality is revealed with bouncing action, horn honking, free motion eyes, multiple expressions and driving sound effects

* Move RC forward, in reverse or spin 360° in either direction using the Wireless Remote Control

* Independent left and right rear wheel drive for quick, on the spot pivoting

* Amazing FOLLOW MODE: Call RC and he’ll detect your location and come to you!

* Autonomous EXPLORE MODE. Press the Explore button on the remote and RC will cruise around on his own without remote guidance. Built-in sensors help RC avoid obstacles.

* Comes with Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity

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