Thomas Kinkade ‘Hints’ at Subject of Next Disney Dreams Collection Painting

Note: We have since published an image of the new Thomas Kinkade painting titled ‘Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland.’ You can see it here.

The subject of Thomas Kinkade's next Disney paintingOn his blog, Thomas Kinkade (dubbed ‘The Painter of Light’) offered the first hint at the subject of his next entry in the Disney Dreams Collection series. The collection re-creates magic moments in Disney classic films and consists of two entries so far: Snow White Discovers the Cottage and Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star. Kinkade has also produced paintings of the castles at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts.

Fortunately, the ‘hint’ wasn’t all that heavily disguised. Kinkade used a smaller version of the photo pictured on the left, which happens to be a very famous statue located in Kensington Gardens in London. Get it yet? If not, Kinkade made one fatal misstep: he didn’t rename the image whose filename gives it away. If you’re still at a loss and curious, click Show below to reveal his next subject.

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The gallery below shows off Kinkade’s Disney paintings. All images © Thomas Kinkade with some elements © Disney.

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