First Look: Thomas Kinkade’s Disney Dreams #8: ‘Sleeping Beauty’

'Sleeping Beauty' Disney Dreams #8 by Thomas KinkadeThe timeless classic from Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty, is captured here in the newest entry in the Disney Dreams collection by Thomas Kinkade. As Aurora and Prince Philip frolic in the foreground with Flora, Fauna and Merryweather as danger looms in the background. Clearly any owner of this painting will find themselves in the pink! No, blue! No, pink!

The painting marks the 8th (of potentially 12) entry into Kinkade’s ‘Disney Dreams’ series which includes previous releases Snow White Discovers the Cottage, Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland, Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream, Bambi’s First Year, Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love and The Lion King.

Credit for the find goes to World Wide Art, Inc. who also feature a larger version of the painting on their site.

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