Thomas Kinkade’s Adds ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to Disney Dreams Collection

'Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love' by Thomas KinkadeAdmittedly we’re a little late to the party, especially since we’ve traditionally been so good at revealing Thomas Kinkade’s newest Disney paintings before he does, but as we always say, if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.

Enter the sixth and newest entry to Kinkade’s Disney Dreams collection, Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love.

According to the official description for the painting:

Thomas Kinkade has spent over 700 studio hours on this painting which is the most he has ever spent on any painting (Cinderella and Pinocchio had about 300 hours each).

Thomas Kinkade has once again captured an entire Disney story in one image. You’ll find Belle and the Beast on the balcony overlooking the castle which Thomas Kinkade painted with tremendous detail. In addition you’ll find the Beast’s servants Lumiere (as the candlestick), Mrs. Potts (as the candlestick), Cogsworth (as the clock) and Chip (as the teacup) enjoying the love affair brewing between the two.

To the left of the painting you’ll find the infamous rose and above the rose you’ll find Gastone with his torch, leading the mob in search of the Beast. Towards the upper left corner you’ll find Belle’s village and her father’s cottage. Flying in the sky you’ll see Belle’s father and inventor Maurice, flying in his newest bicycle/baloon invention.

You may notice some items in the painting which were not in the movie. Remember, Walt Disney gave Thomas Kinkade full access to the original Disney Archives which means Thom was able to observe Disney works which were not included in the movie.

Kinkade’s Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love is currently accepting pre-orders at Thomas Kinkade galleries and is expected to ship in late October.

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