New Tidbits About ‘TRON’ Tech Toys: Don’t You Just Wanna De-rez?

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We realize virtually every outlet (including us) has reported on the onslaught of new tech toys inspired by TRON and TRON Legacy coming your way this holiday season, but despite all of the individual coverage, there has been very little revelation about the finer details of the gear behind the blue LEDs.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Chris Heatherly, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Disney Consumer Products, and got to experience many of the new toys first-hand and learned some additional juicy bits of information about many of them that we have yet to read anywhere else, so here we go:

What we learned about…

TRON T1 Headphones by Monster (MSRP $349.99) – It uses Monster’s ‘Beats by Dre’ technology. They’ll be configured to be plugged into any 1/8″ jack audio equipment but will also include a DSP (digital signal processor) along with a mic so it can be used with any computer or gaming console.

TRON Legacy iPod Dock by Monster (MSRP $249.99) – If you connect your iPod Touch/iPhone containing the TRON app, it will unlock two bonus features of the app: an alarm clock and an audio visualizer.

TRON High-Resolution Mouse by Razer – We already knew it came with its own precision mat, but what we learned is that the mat has built-in technology of its own: as the ‘lightcycle’ mouse travels over the mat, it will actually leave behind a light trail on the mat.

TRON Zero Gravity Light Cycles by Spin Master (MSRP $34.99) – The description promises 6′ long light trails, but we just didn’t see it, but it could just be it wasn’t dark enough. They are very noisy given that it uses vacuum technology to keep it attached to the vertical flat surface (while still allowing the vehicle to move). Very impressive, but noisy. We knew that if you had two of them, if one crosses the light path of another, it would de-rez, but we were unable to figure out how to operate two simultaneously — only one was on display but we weren’t sure how to switch the channel for the second (in a quest to find out whether more than two at a time would be supported).

TRON Action Figures by Spin Master – We knew they were available in multiple sizes, but what wasn’t clear is that all of the 7.5″ & 12″ figures featured the face projection technology which allows a video of the figure’s face sync’d with it speaking a phrase from the film at the touch of a button. Still freaks us out a little, but hey, it’s actually quite true to the film and it is a really neat implementation of an already impressive technology, this time even moreso given the tiny space.

TRON iPad case by PDP – Only half of the case was actually on display, but we got to see it. It will be a hard shell case that the iPad can rest easily in (and look even cooler).

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