CONFIRMED: ‘Disney Time’ Disney Parks 2013 Campaign to be Announced New Year’s Eve


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'Disney Time' Campaign It’s time to let the memories end — or at least subside for a while. While Disney Parks has made no secret that 2013 will be the year of ‘Limited Time Magic,’ a series of celebrations throughout the year, such as those announced this morning, they’re mostly being mum about just plain ol’ ‘Disney Time’ — mostly.

As we reported earlier today, Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade co-host Maria Menounous teased that she would be making a bit announcement this New Year’s Eve during ABC’s broadcast of the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve programming, just as she had done for the ‘One More Disney Day’ special event held at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts during Leap Year. We claim that part of the announcement will be a new sweepstakes, due to the registration of websites such as DISNEYTIMESWEEPS.COM and DISNEYTIMESWEEPSTAKES.COM and even DISNEYTIME.CA, but we believe ‘Disney Time’ to be the foundation of a new year-long (or longer) campaign, just as ‘Let the Memories Begin,’ and ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ served.

Below is a video released by Disney Parks earlier today which features Menounos as she talks about what ‘Disney Time’ means to her, recorded at some point during the parade taping at Walt Disney World in early December. ‘Whether it was getting pictures with the characters or getting splashed on Splash Mountain, that’s what “Disney Time’ is all about,’ she says in the video. She adds: ‘It’s when parents push the pause button on day-to-day grown-up stresses and become kids, playing with their kids — it’s like every body’s the same age.’

We will continue to report on the ‘Disney Time’ campaign as information becomes available to us. A formal announcement is expected shortly before midnight on December 31, 2012.

UPDATE #1: 12/28/12 We now have a second video promoting ‘Disney Time’ at Disney Parks, this one featuring a graffiti artist whose seemingly abstract work ends up creating the perfect re-creation of Main Street USA. Featuring the tag line ‘Disney Moments: Everyday Everywhere,’ it also ends with the #DisneyTime Twitter hashtag.

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6 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: ‘Disney Time’ Disney Parks 2013 Campaign to be Announced New Year’s Eve

  1. Would like to enter my daughter and her children in your contest but see no entry form. They have never been to Disneyland, so I would like to enter their names. Where is your form?

  2. Again typical Disney you cannot enter if you are not US based, when are they going to realise they have worldwide fans?

  3. I wanted to enter the Disney Time Sweepstakes, but did not find an application to do so. Can you enter me or send me an application?

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