‘Time Travel Mater’ to Air on Disney Channel This Week Ahead of Disneyland ‘Premiere’

If you’re a faithful reader of the official Disney Parks Blog, you may have caught word of ‘Time Travel Mater,’ a brand new ‘Mater’s Tall Tales’ in the Cars Toons shorts series. If word of the new show is a surprise to you, you’re in great company. It turns out it was a surprise to even many of the most diehard fans.

In the short, which has some very core homages to the Back to the Future film trilogy (in fact, according to the Pixar Wikia – note: contains spoilers, it borrows from an unmade short titled ‘Backwards to the Forwards’), Mater learns he must rewrite history back in 1927 in order to ensure that Radiator Springs is founded by Stanley, who is alive and well. But when Mater brings back Lightning McQueen to assist him, he may have ended up with more than he bargained for.

The Disney Parks blog shared the following clip from the short:

Now here’s where it gets tricky. According to the blog, it will ‘premiere’ at Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure on June 15 and then re-air on ABC on June 16. We here aren’t crazy about waiting that long and we suspect you aren’t either, so taking a cue from Mater, we did some time traveling and history revising of our own.

If our calculations are correct, ‘Time Travel Mater’ will have already debuted on Disney Channel earlier this week in the wee hours of the morn. But you probably missed it and we don’t have enough plutonium to re-revise it. Instead, it will re-air on Disney Channel on Thursday night/Friday morning at 2:25 am ET, followed by Saturday morning at 10:55 am ET and Saturday night/Sunday morning at 3:25 am, Sunday morning at 10:55 am, Sunday night/Monday morning at 3:25 am and Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2:00 am. You get the picture. And if our calculations aren’t correct, we’ll just go back in time again and edit this post so it is.

One last tip: if you’re going to record the show on DVR, make sure to modify the settings so it begins recording at least a few minutes before and continues to at least a few minutes after. Some folks have complained of the first airing getting cut off.

Enjoy the show.

UPDATE #1: 6/8/12 – While it lasts, someone uploaded a very poor quality rip from Disney Channel to YouTube which you can watch below

UPDATE #2: 6/8/12 – Having written this article prior to seeing the short, I erroneously stated it took place in 1927. A reader anonymously provided very specific information but as I feel it may be somewhat of a spoiler, I will just leave it at omitting the year originally specified.

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