‘Odd Life of Timothy Green’ New Stills, Clips and Soundtrack Details

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a year to the day that we have been able to share images from Walt Disney Studios’ film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green. With just a couple of weeks before the film opens on August 15, however, that’s all about to change as Walt Disney Studios has provided us with eight new stills and one behind-the-scenes photo.

Most of the new images appear to reflect on the relationship between Timothy (Cameron ‘CJ’ Adams as he is now billed) and his new parents, Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) as well as Timothy’s extra special bond with Joni Jerome (Odeya Rush).

The images have been added to the beginning of our gallery below:

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A few clips have also been released, essentially offering glimpses and slightly expanded looks at what we already know the setup of the film to be. In the first clip, titled ‘Dream Kid,’ Jim and Cindy are trying to come to terms with the reality that a child is not in their future, so they decide to write a recipe for their ideal child before planting it in the backyard:

In the next clip, titled ‘You Need to Look Out Back,’ Cindy is taken aback when she learns of the ‘affliction’ of newcomer-slash-houseguest Timothy, but ends up completely beside herself when she visits the backyard at the behest of Jim:

In the third and last clip, titled ‘Backpack,’ Cindy quickly learns to assume the role of first-time, over-protective mother as she and Jim send Timothy to school for the first time. Of course, she has legitimate concerns for her boy that most other mothers probably wouldn’t share:

Finally for this update, Amazon.com recently listed the tracks for the original motion picture soundtrack featuring music composed by Geoff Zanelli. The album (which appears to be available only on CD as a record on-demand option, otherwise as a digital download) features 24, non-cryptically — almost conversational — named tracks which should give the impression that the film presents a very uplifting tone/message. The track listing is as follows:

1. You’re Gonna Find It Hard To Believe
2. Life Goes On
3. That’s Not Normal
4. Our Kid
5. …Now What?
6. Is He For Us?
7. Cherry On Top
8. I Can Only Get Better! (A Glass Half Full Person)
9. Love And Be Loved
10. There’s Something You Need To See
11. Funny, Like Uncle Bub
12. Why Not Make A New Kind Of Pencil?
13. Nice Socks
14. Picasso With A Pencil
15. Run The Other Way
16. This World They Created
17. Think “Tree”
18. The Championship Game
19. I’m With “0”
20. The Winning Goal
21. I Let Her Go
22. We Better Get Inside
23. Never Give Up
24. So Much Is Possible

The soundtrack will be available to own on August 14, the day before the film opens in theaters.

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