Tokyo Disney Anime Anniversary Ad Chronicles Lifetime of Disney Memories

Yumeno MaihamaOn April 15, 2013, the Tokyo Disney Resort, owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company (OLC), will celebrate its 30th anniversary. To help commemorate creating a generation of memories in Japan, the Resort has produced a television ad in the anime style. The ad follows the life of a woman as she visits Tokyo Disneyland for the first time as a child, falls in love at the park as a young adult, gets married in the park, brings her child to the park for the first time and is eventually seen as (presumably) a grandmother.

Although Cinderella is featured in the ad as a character being met by the very young protagonist, no Disney characters’ faces are represented in the style throughout the ad.

UPDATE: According to Anime News Network, the woman featured throughout the ad is called Yumeno Maihama, taking her name in part from Maihama, where Tokyo Disney Resort is located. A Google search yielded only one other match for the name and it’s not likely to be of Disney origin. The character is introduced on the Tokyo Disney page here.

Via Cartoon Brew

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