Tokyo Announces ‘Jungle Cruise’ Redo with Full Soundtrack, Nighttime Experience

The Oriental Land Company, owner and operator of the Tokyo Disney Resort, today announced big plans for the popular ‘world famous’ Jungle Cruise attraction located in the Adventureland section of its Tokyo Disneyland theme park.

At an investment cost of 1.6 billion Yen (just over US $16 million), the reimagining of the attraction will ‘offer Guests an adventure that is even more thrilling than before’ and promises ‘a startling encounter with one of the animal spirit guardians in the ruins of a lost jungle temple.’

While expected changes include new lighting effects as well as unspecified ‘special show effects,’ the big addition will be an original musical soundtrack that will play throughout the attraction, a first for the Jungle Cruise in any of the Disney theme parks. In addition, the attraction will offer a special ‘night cruise’ version of the attraction after the sun goes down.

Tokyo’s Jungle Cruise will close on January 6, 2014 and is expected to open in fall of 2014.

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