Tough Jobs: Taking the Store out of ‘The Disney Store’

With an economy in the red, The Disney Store appears to have carte blanche with a blue sky concept in which new and existing Disney Stores will feel less like a store and more like a miniature Walt Disney World. The New York Times recently explored some of the potential of the new retail-less shops as provoked by Apple co-founder and Disney board member Steve Jobs.

At a proposed cost of nearly $1M per store for the makeover, innovations include embedded chips in products that invoke interaction with the store’s environment. A concept that’s not too entirely off given the pending reality of RFID chips being introduced en mass to the retail market for inventory control and quick checkouts.

It’s also not that far off in the sense that even if it doesn’t move product, it will undoubtedly build and enforce a brand loyalty to Disney. During his presentation at the D23 Expo, Disney Store President Jim Fielding unabashedly promoted (formerly as the shopping destination for the company’s line of Disney products. While being very careful not to dismiss the importance of a brick and mortar location, Fielding highlights the online operation as a single location accessible to virtually everyone where it’s much easier to keep all items and sizes in stock.

You can read the full article on the ‘Imagination Park’ reboot concept here.

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