Toy Fair 2010: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

With Tim Burton’s vision of Alice in Wonderland just on the horizon, there are naturally dozens of new and wonderful licensed toys and collectibles inspired by the film headed our way. Here’s just a taste of some of the amazing product we encountered at the International Toy Fair this year that we can all look forward to seeing in 2010.
Alice by Tonner © Stitch Kingdom. All Rights Reserved.Alice by Tonner. Image © Stitch Kingdom. All Rights Reserved.From Tonner,we have a full line of limited edition dolls including this gorgeous likeness of Mia Wasikowska as Alice. Tonner also has Iracebeth, the Red Queen, and Mirana, the White Queen, on display. While we were unable to take photos as the final product is awaiting approval, we can certainly say they were all very impressive as one would expect from a company like Tonner. Not on display at the show is Tonner’s Mad Hatter, but we were given a sneak peek at the current incarnation and he’s naturally equally as impressive in his detail. Pending the dolls’ final approvals, we can expect to see them sometime in spring.

Mad Hatter from Mattel's Barbie Collector line. Photo courtesy of Mattel.Also tossing one of his many hats into the collectible doll ring is The Mad Hatter from Mattel’s Barbie Collector line of high-end collectible dolls. Expected to be released in the beginning of March, he’s an incredible likeness of Johnny Depp’s character and comes in a very detailed windowed box featuring the artwork we’ve come to expect in reference to the film, even going as far as to include a dangling key. Regrettably, we were advised that while an Alice edition was at one time discussed, Mattel will only be producing The Hatter at this time.

For those who’d rather be the Mad Hatter or nearly any other character from the film, novelty hatter Elope has a sweet suite of products centered around the characters of the film from the Hatter to the absurdly large head of the Red Queen to the Tweedles and everyone in-between and on the sides. The detail on the hats is so incredible that there’s no doubt they’ll be a smashing success for CosPlay, not to mention Halloween. The line also includes a series of accessories such as an Alice wig, the Hatter’s eyebrows and hatpins and more. Elope also produces several other Disney licensed headwear.

USAOPOLY, who produces officially licensed editions of America’s favorite board games, has a couple of Alice in Wonderland themed products coming down the rabbit hole. First up is an AIW themed edition of Yahtzee which will be available in March, to be followed by an Alice in Wonderland edition of the perennial favorite Monopoly, which we can expect to see on shelves for the holiday season.

Finally, Cardinal Industries looks to have what may be a completely unique Alice in Wonderland board game coming out, but unfortunately we were unable to obtain any additional information at this time.

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