TOY FAIR: Disney ‘Zootopia’ New Figures, Playsets, Plush and More for Fall 2016

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At the 2016 New York International Toy Fair, TOMY previewed some of the toys it will be releasing this fall in support of Zootopia (March 4, 2016). Among the new items shown were new action figure packs such as Chief Bogo with ‘mouse criminal’ and Flash the Sloth with an unnamed mouse character. In addition, new play sets were introduced as well as a plush version of Gazelle ($24.99) that plays ‘Try Everything’ as performed by the character’s voice actor, Shakira. Also shown was Judy’s Carrot Recorder and Badge ($14.99) role play accessory set which records up to 10 seconds for playback.

Two figure playsets were shown at Toy Fair: Finnick’s Van ($14.99) which includes the Finnick figure and features a ‘large trunk space’ and room for two characters in the front; and the Zootopia Police Station (49.99). The police station comes with Officer Clawhauser and Safety Squirrel figures and features two-sizes of elevators, a jail cell with two doors to accommodate all animals, lights and sounds (including a jailbreak action), projection simulated monitors and Safety Squirrel’s helicopter plus even more.

A full demo of the Zootopia Police Station as well as looks at current and future products can be found in our preview video below. Additional product images can also be found in our gallery, also embedded below.

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