Yet Another ‘Toy Story 3’ Hi-Res Still (I’m a Hugger!)

It turns out that when we raided the toy box earlier this week to bring you 20 new hi-res images from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3, we just didn’t dig deep enough. It turns out lucky number 21 features the gang when they first encounter Lotso and some of the many new friends at Sunnyside Daycare. You can even spot the Lightning McQueen toy at Woody’s feet.

What I really love about the still though is that it’s a good reminder of one of the key differences between animation and live action. Items can be placed on the set of a live-action film, but when you film something, particularly outdoors, all of your scenery is already there naturally. In animation, every single element needs to be thought of, created and placed accordingly and with so much going on in just this single still, this is obviously no small feat.

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