‘Toy Story 3’ Posts Record-Smashing, Beyond ‘Incredible’ Opening Weekend with $109M

After reporting an amazing $41M box office on its opening day, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 has gone on to take in a reported box office opening weekend estimate of $109 million, crushing Pixar’s previous record of $70.4 million set by The Incredibles in 2004. When considering inflation, The Incredibles barely passed the $100 million mark within its first week whereas Toy Story 3 has already surpassed that number (~$106M) in just a few days.

When compared to other all other movies, it had the #1 opening day for an animated film and with its weekend box office totals reported, it’s currently ranked as #45 out of all animated films and certainly rising. It’s also #1 for opening weekends for G-rated films (#3 when you consider PG as well and #10 with all film ratings considered) and the highest June opening for all films, well on track to be the #1 for all of June, a title currently held by Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

Toy Story 3 marks Pixar’s eleventh film and its eleventh #1 film on opening weekend.

Figures and statistics from BoxOfficeMojo and do not account for inflation except where noted.

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One thought on “‘Toy Story 3’ Posts Record-Smashing, Beyond ‘Incredible’ Opening Weekend with $109M

  1. Just adored the new film. Brought my kids (almost 4, and not quite 6) and a friend in her early 40s. Great jokes for parents. A few stereotypes were pushed aside (<ahem> Barbie) and I found it be heartwarming, clever, and fun w/o sinking to potty humor. Beautifully done. Saw it on opening weekend to reward the producers who tally the scores by such numbers, because they keep giving us gems. Even the animated short before the film was clever (like Presto was). BTW, I never trusted that bear….

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