First Look: Toy Story Toon ‘Hawaiian Vacation’ Hi-Res Stills

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Although the images of Pixar Animation Studios’ newest short, Hawaiian Vacation, first debuted in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly and some scans can be found online, here we have actual hi-res stills from the short provided to us by Walt Disney Studios and Disney/Pixar.

We first speculated about the reality of the Toy Story Toons back in March of last year when we reported several domain names registered by The Walt Disney Company. This was confirmed when Pixar Animation Studios opened its annex in Vancouver to produce new shorts for the company. Within the past few months, we learned the subject matter of the first short and that it would be a lead-in for Cars 2 when it’s released in June. We also learned the synopsis of the short from a book to be released in association with the short: Ken and Barbie are accidentally left behind when Bonnie’s family heads off to Hawaii and it’s up to Sheriff Woody and the gang to make their playcation come true.

Disney has also announced that a second Toy Story Toon will be produced and attached to The Muppets when it’s released on November 23.

no images were found

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