Toyify Yourself with New ‘Toy Story 3’ Website,

My toy I designed with appears alongside Woody and Buzz (and the Luxo Jr ball)I confess when I first was alerted to the site that it really seemed like not much more than a glorified Mii creator (a built-in avatar-creator for the Nintendo Wii), albeit with great graphics and cute animations. But the truth is that once you get through the fun of building a toy version of yourself (or anyone else you may or may not know), the really cool stuff happens at the new brand new Toy Story 3 website,

Once you complete your toy, you can name it and share it via facebook and twitter, save it, download it in various formats (including buddied up with Buzz and Woody as you can see here), embed it on your blog (as I have below) and more. You can even design your own box featuring your toy and print it out so you can construct it on your own or take advantage of the augmented reality aspect of the website (webcam required).

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