First Look: New Toys and Collectibles for Disney/Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars’

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Disney Consumer Products kicked off its 2010 holiday tour this past week in New York City and brought representatives from every division imaginable to show off all of the new wonderful products you’ll be finding on the shelves this holiday season and we were there to help spread all the joy with you.

Many of the items from Disney Store are old favorites packaged in new ways with exclusive bonus items. For example, the Cars Toons diecast cars will be packaged as a collectible bundle for $119.50 and includes Mia and Tia as exclusives (actual cars not on display). Toy Story 3 collectible figures will be bundled together ($69.50 full retail), offering Lotso and the Alien trio as exclusives.

Also being released is a Rescue Squad Mater Rescue Squad Chopper set ($49.50) which includes Rescue Squad Mater, Lightning McQueen and an exclusive Ambulance diecast car. The side panel of the chopper pops open to reveal storage space for several of the vehicles.

Hot on the heels of the recent release of the limited edition 16″ talking Jessie doll comes a formal dressed Woody (complete with leather hat) and Buzz Lightyear. These are essentially the same as the existing Toy Story 3 dolls from Disney Store except that they’re jazzed up a bit. The best part is that while Jessie was $79.50 alone, you can get this class act duo plus a copy of Toy Story 3 for just $99.50 with a limited edition size of 5,000 pieces.

Over at Mattel, the focus was on the new upcoming Cars Toon, Monster Truck Mater, which I was able to watch before checking out the toys inspired by it. On display were some previously announced items such as the Monster Truck Wrastlin’ Playset and large Frightening McQueen car. New items included die cast editions of some of the characters from the short including Frightening (Lighting McQueen), Tormenter (Mater) and some of the opponents including Rastacarian, Dr. Feelbad and the I-Screamer. The I-Screamer and Tormenter displayed actually have really neat fighting moves in which they can ‘punch’ with their front wheels (no kung fu grip however). There will be additional diecast cars produced based on the short as well.

On the Toy Story side, Mattel and LEGO had some sets on display that were previously embargoed until the film’s release such as a few of the ActionLink! sets and the LEGO incinerator set. But the prize for toy of the day went hands down to the spaceship belonging to the Evil Dr. Porkchop, from the opening sequence to Toy Story 3.

The Millenium Falcon of toys, this baby does everything. E-v-e-r-ything. Hamm as the Evil Dr. Porkchop rides up front in the cockpit while the body of the ship also opens up, exposing jail cells and various rooms in the ship. And if things get too hot, Porkchop can drop down into an escape pod and exit the ship’s mouth before you can say bacon. If that’s not enough, the ship lights up and produces sound effects at the press of a button. The ship will come with three figures including Hamm as the Evil Dr. Porkchop, but not necessarily Buzz and Woody. I’m afraid I don’t recall the exact MSRP for it, but it’s either $59.99 or $69.99.

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