Toys ‘R’ Us to Release Third Power Disc, Infinity Crystal Sulley on Sunday

Infinite Crystal Series -Sulley from Toys 'R' UsToys ‘R’ Us has announced it will be releasing the next set of its Disney Infinity exclusives in stores on Sunday, October 13.

Sulley of Monsters Universty will be the next available Infinite Crystal line of figures. He joins Lightning McQueen as the next of the clear Disney Infinity figures available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us in the United States.

Also being released is the third of Toys ‘R’ Us ten exclusive power discs from wave one. As usual, it will be packaged in the exclusive gold foil and be accompanied by another random, widely available power disc from wave one.

Disney Infinity Zurg Power DiscThe third disc will be Emperor Zurg’s Wrath Power Disc which will give Disney Infinity players a chance to increase damage with in-game weapons by 15%. Note each of the exclusive power disc releases from Toys ‘R’ Us has a unique SKU/UPC code so it will be easy to tell which exclusive disc is contained within the gold pack.

Note there is a limit of one per each item per customer. Items will also be available to purchase online at on day of sale for in-store pickup.


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3 thoughts on “Toys ‘R’ Us to Release Third Power Disc, Infinity Crystal Sulley on Sunday

  1. I would like to know how can I determine the Toys ‘R’ Us unique SKU/UPC code within the gold pack.

  2. Above the barcode on the back of the Gold Packs, you will find the UPC code. The Mike’s Car starts with #111077 then a bunch of zeros. Tron starts #111074 then a bunch of zeros. Zurg will be different from those two.

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