TRADEMARK: Disney Makes Good on Deadmau5 Extermination Threat

Disney Registered Trademark SamplesIn a whopping 171-page complaint, the Walt Disney Company earlier today filed a ‘Notice of Opposition’ of trademark registration against Ronica Holdings, the corporate identity responsible for staking claim to the logo for the music artist, Deadmau5 (pronounced: Dead Mouse). First reported by Stitch Kingdom back in March, Ronica Holdings now has 40 days to respond to Disney’s claim.

Pictured left are just some of the logos cited in the notice which Disney feels demonstrates their hold on the three — sometimes ‘incomplete’ — circles that compose the silhouette of a mouse head.

Disney lays claims to the representation going back to ‘at least 1928’ (the year Steamboat Willie and Mickey Mouse were introduced to the world) and goes on to demonstrate the use of said mouse ears in several commercial uses, but also relies heavily on the fame of Mickey Mouse himself, citing the popularity of the 1950’s television series, ‘The Mickey Mouse Club,’ and states that mouse ears have been a core element of Disney’s consumer products ‘at least as early as 1955.’ The notice then goes on to include several pages of photos of products and theme park applications sporting the mouse ears insignia. The company then goes on to bolster its original claim by noting it has ‘expended many millions of dollars of advertising and promoting [its] products’ and, as a result, has ‘earned many millions of dollars in revenues’ as a result, as well as citing several outside news sources who have referred to Disney’s mouse ears as ‘famous,’ ‘iconic’ and ‘classic.’

Deadmau5 Trademark Application vs Disney Trademark

The notice concludes with Disney’s claim that they have successfully and famously used the mouse ears mark in commercial use before Deadmau5 could lay any legal claim to his own logo and that allowing the Deadmau5 trademark application to be approved would be a source of confusion for the consumer.

UPDATE: Deadmau5 took to Twitter to respond

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9 thoughts on “TRADEMARK: Disney Makes Good on Deadmau5 Extermination Threat

  1. Good publicity for Deadmau5, takin’ on the MAN. However, I think Disney’s got a good chance with this one.

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