‘TRON: Classic’ Coming Soon to a Home Theater Near You?

'TRON' on Disney Blu-ray/DVD Combo PackInitially anticipated to have been released in 2010, prior to the theatrical release of TRON: Legacy, the blu-ray edition of the 1982 original film, TRON, failed to materialize. Rumors abounded as to why the BD was never released, but most ended in the assumption that Walt Disney Studios intentionally had something to hide, although personal reasons as to why that would be varied.

Recently the HD Room offered up this artwork of what’s being sub-titled as ‘the original classic.’ Although no release has been confirmed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment as of yet and HDR advises this may not be the final artwork, they seem pretty confident that the BD edition will not only see the light of day but that it will contain some pretty special bonus features that may very well make the wait worth it.

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