First Look: ‘TRON: Legacy’ Motorcycle Suits from UD Replicas

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Passer-bys of the UD Replicas booth at the 2010 San Diego Comic-con can’t help but stop to admire some of the most meticulously detailed superhero costumes on display at the convention. So much so that the live model sporting the Batman Dark Knight suit is virtually a tourist trap in itself. Only they’re not actually costumes in the traditional sense (but just  try explaining that to their newly found fans); they are fully functional leather motorcycle suits designed to be worn while riding.

As we previously mentioned, UD Replicas’ newest creations, the TRON: Legacy suits inspired by Sam and Quorra made their debut at the Disney Consumer Products TRON booth at the San Diego Comic-con. I had a chance to speak with the suits’ designer David Pea (pronounced PAY-uh) who graciously left his own booth to join me at Disney’s where we talked a bit about the new suits on display.

The suits themselves do not contain any light-up elements, but are rather simply reflective. Not on display, however, is a separate Men’s jacket which does possess the ability to light up. About 100 square inches of EL wire make up the glowing accents which will last up to five hours on a full charge. It is, in fact, the same exact material used by the costume designers for TRON: Legacy and even from the same manufacturer. In addition to just lighting up, a controller on the battery pack will allow the wearer to select from several different patterns and lighting effects.

Also on display back at the UD Replicas booth is David’s Batman, Iron Man and Wolverine suits including a prototype of his new Batman utility belt add-on. The suits won’t be for the feint of wallet, however. Expect the TRON: Legacy suits to run between $800-$1200 each when they become available for pre-order in the next couple of months. Check out the UD Replicas site for more information and photos as they become available.

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10 thoughts on “First Look: ‘TRON: Legacy’ Motorcycle Suits from UD Replicas

  1. The suit looks hideous. They should have taken the time to do it right. I wouldnt be caught dead wearing this on my bike. I'm sure it looks cool when it lights up, but thats not enough for me to spend 1200 bucks on this ugly replica. Way to let me down UD.

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