Update: Disney Untangles ‘Double Tower’ Parody Situation with Bear Vasquez

Earlier this month, we brought you the plea of Bear Vasquez, the man behind the ‘Double Rainbow’ viral video sensation. You can refresh your memory by clicking on the link, but essentially Bear was upset because Walt Disney Animation Studios had attempted to create a viral video of their own promoting Disney’s Tangled parodying his video but made no attempt to reach out to Bear to at least seek consent. In short, Bear was simply seeking recognition for his efforts and at no time was concerned with financial compensation. Most of our readers sided with Bear and many of you signed and promoted our petition for Disney to recognize Bear and we are pleased to say it has some effect.

Bear informs us that he was invited to the Walt Disney Studios yesterday for a special press screening of the still work-in-progress version of Tangled. Similar to the event we anticipate attending on Monday, Bear also got to see approximately 20 minutes of TRON: Legacy to boot. Although we are limited in what we can reveal, based on what he saw, Bear reports he was extremely impressed with both films and had a great time at the Studios. He also added (TINY SPOILER ALERT) Show ▼

Bear also mentioned that he met a reporter with CNN at the event and that there’s some interest in producing a story as a result.

So on behalf of Bear, we would like to thank you all for your support. Be sure to follow Bear’s blog at yosemitebear.net.

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