Sneak Peek: ‘Disney Vacation Account’ Service from Walt Disney World

'Disney Vacation Account' service from Walt Disney WorldNo matter who you are, no matter where you stay, no matter how long you stay, one thing is for certain: it costs money. For most families, planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation also requires careful planning and budgeting and while future guests are able to pay down their balance as they draw closer to arrival, there’s very little benefit to it other than to insure the money goes to where its intended.

Walt Disney World hopes to change some of that with the ‘Disney Vacation Account’ service, which we now have additional information on thanks to a tip from an anonymous source. According to our source, the site will be along the lines of a for future Walt Disney World vacationers, offering advice from ‘Disney Moms’ and experts on budgeting everything for the trip from airfare to hotel stay to dining and more.

Guided by Scrooge McDuck and Grand-Nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, guests are invited to plan out their spending requirements ahead of time and budget out everything they’ll eventually need. Deposits can be made to the DVA through Disney Gift Card or credit and debit cards, which can even be scheduled for a hands-off approach, though supplement deposits are always welcome. The 'Disney Vacation Account' from Walt Disney Worldaccount is FDIC insured but in lieu of interest, guests will be offered 2% back on eligible purchases through The Walt Disney Company up to a maximum ($100 according to what we’ve seen, which would ceiling out at around $5,000). Any unused portions of the account holdings can be transferred to a Disney gift card, although the site also promises guests can withdraw funds as a charge-back to their credit card/debit card with no fees, which Disney would presumably cover.

There is no official known launch date for the program as of yet, but we have been tracking the project for quite some time, dating as far back as October 2011 when Disney registered MYDISNEYVACATIONACCOUNT.COM and VAULTOMATIC.COM which we learned was tied to the program before the site became hidden from prying eyes. That site allowed guests to interactively design and ‘secure’ a Disney-themed safe, which fits very well into the Scrooge McDuck theme.

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