Variety: Disney Channel to Introduce ‘Disney Junior’ to Viewers on Monday

Variety is reporting that Disney Channel will begin touting its Playhouse Disney to Disney Junior transition Monday, October 11 during the ‘Handy Manny: Big Construction Job’ prime-time special. The ad will feature one of several different variations of the previously introduced Disney Junior logo, this one being the individual letters in ‘Junior’ stylized after the ‘sensational six’ characters featured in ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.’

Disney Junior 'Sensational Six' logoAccording to Disney Channels Worldwide senior marketing and creative VP Richard Loomis, “Each one has sort of a fun, play-along factor. Some of the letters of ‘Junior’ are very obvious in terms of which characters they express, and some are a little bit more subtle. It’s simple, but it does have another layer.”

According to the article, another spot geared specifically towards ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ will debut on October 25. Beginning in early 2011, Playhouse Disney will be re-branded to Disney Junior and will get its own network, replacing SOAPnet, in 2012. As also previously reported by Variety, the first original program announced for Disney Junior is ‘Doc McStuffins.’

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