Variety: Disney Slow-Tracking ‘Magic Kingdom’ Movie Starring Disney Characters

Variety recently reported on a project tentatively titled Magic Kingdom which it says has been in development since prior to the arrival of Rich Ross to Walt Disney Studios. Reportedly a pitch and script has already been written by ‘Battlestar Galactica’  reboot architect Ronald Moore, had taken place initially at Disneyland and is currently under development at Strike Entertainment. According to Variety, Disney is looking for a writer of its own to bring the park to life in a Night at the Museum-esque offering.

There appears to be no speculation at this time whether it will be animated, live-action or a combination of the two, but anything other than animated would make it very risky to bring Mickey Mouse, et al to life on the silver screen which is perhaps why the project appears to be sitting on the back burner for now. Disney’s Jungle Cruise, based on the theme park attraction, has been in the works for years with very little sign of life so it could be some time, if ever, that Magic Kingdom makes it into theaters.

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