Disney Launches the Vaultomatic; Allows Guests to Customize Their Own Disney Vault — But Why?

Disney's Vaultomatic.comActively monitoring domain registrations for The Walt Disney Company ranges from the most mundane entries to rather intriguing ones, such as the recently registered imtheonlyonewithproblems.com and annoyingcrapnoonewantstohear.org, but when The Walt Disney Company registered Vaultomatic.com, my interests were piqued to all new heights. To whet my anticipating appetite just a lot more, the domain soon led to a site that simply read ‘Welcome to the Disney Vault.’ Fast forward to this morning, when Vaultomatic.com led to — of all things — the Vaultomatic.

An darlingly cute and impressive interactive flash-based site, the Vaultomatic allows visitors to choose from one of three vault types — chest, piggy [bank] or safe via a lever which seemingly remotely directs Gyro Gearloose of Uncle Scrooge fame to select the desired vault type. The next step involves giving the vault a desired paint scheme or texture (the chest in Mickey Mouse colors is shown here), followed by choosing a security option which ranges from Disney characters such as Pluto in security guard gear to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland to the little green army men from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story to more traditional and not-so-traditional items such as cameras, a bell jar, lasers to pixie dust and encrusting it in jewels (hiding in plain site?).

The last step is to save the custom vault, but doing so just resets the app and offers up a bit of SQL queries designed to do the dirty work. Obviously the site is not yet ready for the public to use, but it does make one imagine that it’s part of a much larger picture. If I were to let my imagination get carried away with me, I would fancy the idea that the Vaultomatic product is part of a customizable user interface all plugging into the upcoming Disney Studios All Access program.

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