VIDEO: Marvel Appeals to George Lucas for ‘Howard the Duck’ 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

It’s been (over) 25 years since Howard the Duck debuted in theaters in 1986 and now he, along with Marvel’s Joe Quesada are making an appeal to George Lucas to give the go ahead for a silver anniversary edition blu-ray of the box office bomb hated by critics and moviegoers alike.

You can witness the appeal here in a video posted to Marvel’s YouTube page, in an episode of ‘Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!’

In the video, Quesada tells Lucas, ‘you are the greatest thing to happen in the history of pop culture and buddy, Howard the Duck put you there.’ If the buttering up isn’t enough, Quesada lays an offer down on the table Lucas would be crazy to refuse — a check for $1,732.27 which would guarantee the blu-ray along with Lucas’ appearance on the red carpet at the blu-ray release party.

With San Diego Comic-Con coming up, the pressure is certainly on for Lucas to break down and make the announcement. Given that Howard is still ‘ducking’ upset over having to wear pants, Disney owning Marvel and Lucas’ propensity for revising decades-old film, it seems like it would be a win-win for everyone. Except the consumer market, perhaps.


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