Video Sneak Peek: Singing Articulated Disney’s ‘Tangled’ Rapunzel Doll from Disney Store

We first told you about the new line of singing, articulated Disney Princess dolls coming from Disney Store this holiday season back when they were first shared with us in June. Featuring the vocal talents of their respective original performers (or official current when original not available), the 17″ dolls belt out their iconic songs a capella in 15 second segments. Now through YouTube, someone has leaked the Rapunzel doll from Disney’s Tangled in which Mandy Moore performs ‘When Will My Life Begin?’

For more information on the film including featurettes, concept art, character art, fun facts, photos of the meet & greet characters at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and more, follow this bookmark.

(thanks to a tip from a Stitch Kingdom reader)

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