VIDEO: ‘Wreck It Ralph’ Faces Wrath of ‘King of Kong’ at PAX; Free Screening Contest

'Wreck-It Ralph' Teaser PosterHe may have been the first person to break the million point barrier on Donkey Kong, but ‘King of Kong’ Steve Weibe will need quite a bit more practice when it comes to facing Wreck-it Ralph in the game of ‘Fix-It Felix Jr,’ based on both Wreck-It Ralph from Walt Disney Animation Studios and the legacy of 8-bit video games.

Weibe was invited by Disney to visit the Wreck-It Ralph exhibit at GameWorks for the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle where he had the opportunity to play the ‘Fix-It Felix Jr’ arcade game which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. While he managed to top the high score list, Weibe felt way short of the million points mark, though in his defense it was not only his first time playing the game, but it wasn’t precisely his cup o’ tea either. Despite drawing comparisons to arcade classics such as Donkey Kong, Rampage and others, Weibe compares it to Q*Bert of all things. In an interview held later, he explained that in Donkey Kong, moving Mario is a constant, but in ‘Fix It Felix Jr,’ Felix jumps from window ledge to window ledge, making the  gameplay closer to how Q*Bert jumps from block to block. He did, however, liken the game’s jump button to that of the hammer button in DK.

As an added incentive for those in the Seattle area, anyone who can beat Weibe’s score at GameWorks  by 11:59 pm on Sunday will receive a free private screening of Wreck-It Ralph before it debuts in theaters (no PAX admission required).

Wreck-It Ralph opens in theaters nationwide on November 2, 2012. A limited number of ‘Fix-It Felix Jr’ arcade games are expected to appear at participating movie theaters.


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