Vinylmation Urban Series 1 to be Released March 20

Oopsy From the Vinylmation Urban Series 1 by Artist Thomas Scott

Oopsy From the Vinylmation Urban Series 1 by Artist Thomas Scott

The next round of the Vinylmation collection will hit the shelves at Walt Disney World and Disneyland on Friday, March 20.

The 3″ collection includes Checkered by Dan Howard, El Super Raton by Natalie Bert Kennedy, Furrr by Susanna Gay, Grafitti by Chad Miller, Monster by Tyler Dumas, Oopsy by Thomas Scott (Pictured), Pinball by Mark Seppala, Poc Mickey by Eric Caszatt, Squiddy and Swiss Cheese by Randy Noble and Who’s There? by Susan Foy. The 9″ collection includes Dragon by Monty Maldovan (LE 400), Mortimer by Randy Noble (LE 400), Mummy by Dave Keefer (LE 200) and Robot Mickey by Doug Strayer (LE 500).

The release party will take place at Walt Disney World from 5:00 – 7:00 PM EST on March 20 at the Art of Disney in Downtown Disney’s Marketplace and will feature guest artists Dan Howard, Randy Noble, Tyler Dumas, Thomas Scott, Susan Foy and Robert King.

For additional information and to see pictures of each of the collectibles, please click here.

UPDATE (03/12): The in-park release date for the Vinylmation Urban Series #1 will be March 17. The release party will take place March 20 as scheduled.

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