WABC-TV New York Launches Retrans Offensive Against Cablevision

As we first reported back in December, WABC-TV, a member of the Disney/ABC Television Group (DATG) had begun preparing for a standoff with Cablevision in New York as its retransmission contract comes up for negotiations by registering for a series of domain names which had inadvertently put its agenda on public display for a couple of hours until we brought to the public’s attention.

Tonight, just before the season finale of The Bachelor began, WABC-TV ran a commercial in New York City taking an offensive stance, showing a montage of television programming carried by the station, including local news, which would potentially be lost if Cablevision opts to remove WABC-TV from its lineup.

Ironically enough, one of the programs featured in the commercial is Oprah Winfrey’s, who announced late last year that the show would be ending in 2011, causing many television insiders to question the viability of ABC affiliates many of them carry her show and receive significant ratings as a result.

The commercial advised viewers to surf to saveabc7.com which, at the time, pointed to a blogger.com site set to invitation only but has since been rectified.

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