Former Walt Disney World Cast Member Arrested on Xbox Child Pornography Charges

Timothy Hammerstone courtesy of WFTS TampaWFTS ABC in Tampa is reporting that 22 year old Timothy Wayne Hammerstone of Polk County, a former cast member at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, has been arrested on 16 counts of possession of child pornography. According to the story, Hammerstone was in correspondence with two ten year old boys via Microsoft Xbox Live and had convinced one of them to send him nude photos in exchange for points to be used on the Xbox marketplace (as per the report from the Orlando Sentinel). While both outlets report that police found sixteen images of child pornography on a USB flash drive, it is unclear how many of those photos are of the direct victim. As of the WFTS report, Hammerstone was sitting in Polk County jail on a $80,000 bond.

Although Disney has confirmed Hammerstone was an employee at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is unclear as to when his employment was terminated or in which capacity he worked. WFTS reports he worked at the ‘commissary’ which could be either the ‘ABC Commissary’ counter service location for guests or perhaps a backstage eatery specifically for cast members.

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3 thoughts on “Former Walt Disney World Cast Member Arrested on Xbox Child Pornography Charges

  1. not to take the focus and blame off of the perv, but where are the parents? One more reason I don’t believe XBox/Nintendo/etc should be allowed to hook up to the internet!

  2. Why does this story even mention his occupation other than for shock value? It has nothing to do with the issue. Why didn’t they get a statement from Xbox? They seem to have more to do with the topic at hand.

  3. The question is why it has shock value. Simply because it’s a location that’s filled with children. Of course it can easily be argued that the capacity in which he worked (as well as many others in his case historically) would have been in limited or zero contact at work with children and even if he had, the public-ness of it all is likely to inhibit anything of really happening, but that’s that.

    As for Xbox, it is quite prominently mentioned in the story and more of it will probably be said as it becomes recognized as a medium for this kind of activity, but as the reporting outlets are in central Florida and Disney is a big part of that, it gets the focus.

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