Walt Disney World to Host ‘Last Tour to Endor’ Event for Celebration V Attendees

The Walt Disney World Resort and Celebration V (the premiere Star Wars fan event) have announced that in honor of the convention being held in Orlando this year along with the impending makeover of the Star Tours attraction to Star Tours 2 which will take the motion simulator film to a third dimension (and possible ‘multiple destinations’), there will be a special one-night-only event titled ‘Last Tour to Endor’ where Celebration V attendees are being invited to ‘be the first to be the last’ in an exclusive after-hours Star Wars party.

Admission to the party, which is $75 per guest on top of Celebration V credentials, includes: themed party zones, ‘Star Wars shows,’ a ‘Death Star Disco,’ special Star Wars-themed fireworks and more. Round trip transportation from the Orlando Convention Center is included with the ticket.

Those attending Celebration V who wish to attend the event that takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 14 from 8 pm – 1 am (park admission can be as early as 4 pm) can obtain more information and purchase tickets (available on a limited basis) here.

Please note that for those concerned, we do not have reason to believe that this means the Star Tours attraction will close for its lengthy changeover on or about August 14, only that this date was chosen because it falls within the Celebration V event dates and will no doubt be the last hurrah for many attendees. No official closing date for Star Tours has been announced yet by Disney Parks.

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