WATCH: ABC Teases New Shows For Fall 2016-2017 Season

NED, ALLISON TOLMANAhead of its Upfronts presentation taking place in New York City on Tuesday, May 17, ABC has begun teasing new upcoming series it will begin airing this fall. You can find more information about each of the series being previewed as well as a brief teaser embedded below.

Martin is a philosopher of sorts and recently a lonely one.  The woman he lives with, Nan (Emmy nominated Allison Tolman), just isn’t giving him the attention he needs.  Their daily walks are a thing of the past.

He has a hard time telling her how he feels, so he has resorted to destroying her favorite boots. He actually chewed them up, because if you haven’t guessed by now, he’s a dog. A lonely, controlling, self-obsessed dog who lets us in on all his thoughts.  He tries to set boundaries with Nan to make her feel safe. It has been hard on both of them since she broke up with her boyfriend, Jason (Lucas Neff), a musician, bartender and aging millennial.  Now, she spends way too much time at work trying to impress her boss and co-workers, and Martin is left at home too much trying to imagine what could be more important than snuggling on the couch with him.

Nan’s not the most organized person, but wants her ideas to be heard at Clark and Bow Outfitters where she’s worked for six years.  Co-worker Jenn (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) gives her advice on how to impress the boss, Kevin (Barry Rothbart).  After months of hitting a brick wall, Nan is finally making some headway, but in a few short moments Martin ruins everything.  Is she really going to have to tell everyone at work that her dog ate her presentation?

It’s time for obedience school.  As Martin says, “I think Nan just needs things to be kind of spelled out in really obvious ways.”  He feels like she’s lost track of what’s really important: him. One session at obedience school already makes them realize that even at their worst, they may be the best thing for each other.

It is London, 1893.  H.G. Wells is destined to become a famed science fiction author, but on this evening he’s just a little known writer struggling to get published. He has invited his intellectual friends to show off his new invention—a time machine—but never suspects his late arriving guest, surgeon and friend John Stevenson, is the infamous Jack the Ripper.  When the police arrive looking for Jack the Ripper, John sneaks into the time machine and flees to modern day Manhattan with Wells in hot pursuit.

Wells arrives inside a museum exhibit featuring himself, The Man Ahead of His Time.  Unrecognized by security, he’s hauled off to the museum curator, Jane Walker, who is attracted to this odd fellow and intrigued that the machine is warm and security videos show two different men seemingly appearing out of thin air.

Wells, meanwhile, is a complete fish out of water, always rising politely whenever Jane stands up, puzzled at everyone staring at the screens of their small devices and awestruck by the bustle and bling of Times Square.

Wells must stop Jack the Ripper who needs Wells’ key to the time machine so he can murder throughout the centuries with impunity.  Wells manages to hold on to the key, but the Ripper slips through his fingers when Wells is knocked down by a yellow cab.

As luck has it, Jane’s business card is in his pocket and she is called to pick him up from the hospital.  She takes H.G. to her apartment where he tells this modern independent woman that she fascinates him.  Jane is more wary, but sparks really fly after she rescues him from an electric razor he’s using to shave off his 19th century facial hair.   The deal is sealed when he puts on her ex’s jeans and t-shirt, and transforms into a 21st century hunk.

It is the cat and mouse game between Wells and Jack the Ripper that fuels the action, as Wells tries to track down John while John tries to lure Wells in order to get the key.  It’s only when Jack the Ripper strikes again that Wells blurts out his true identity to Jane, and proves it by taking her on a trip in the machine three days into the future where, horrified, they learn Jane will be a victim of The Ripper unless they stop him.

Still Star-Crossed, a period drama from Shondaland, picks up where this famous story ends.  The deaths of Romeo and Juliet have escalated the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. The streets of Verona have become dangerous, traitors have emerged, and the kingdom is vulnerable to attack.

The young ruling Prince of Verona, Escalus, wants to end the feud and bring peace to the kingdom.  Following the sage advice of his sister Princess Isabella he devises a plan to marry a Capulet to a Montague to unite the families and strengthen his position.

He commands a union between Romeo’s cousin, the womanizing Benvolio, with Juliet’s cousin, Rosaline, who is in love with Prince Escalus.  Each is fiery and independent.

In the pandemonium on the streets after Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, Benvolio saves Rosaline from assault.  Instead of being grateful, she’s insulting.  Their courtship has a long way to go and they’ll have to banter their way to a compromise in the midst of treachery, power grabs and palace intrigue.  Another star-crossed love story begins.

Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell) grew up in the public eye as the nation’s First Daughter.  Now she is a gorgeous mess, with a brilliant legal mind but a self-destructive streak. Arrested for cocaine possession, she gets an offer from Conner Wallis, the NY District Attorney: no jail time if she heads his new Conviction Integrity Unit that re-examines cases where there’s credible suspicion of wrongful conviction.   Hayes resents having to take the offer, but is not totally upset about working with Conner.  He was her former courtroom nemesis, who she still finds rather sexy.

She is working with the CIU team including forensics expert Frankie Cruz, Paralegal Tess Larson, and NYPD Detective Maxine Bohen, who makes a point of telling Hayes that she didn’t vote for her father, the former President.

They have tight deadlines to identify cases where they suspect the wrong person has been convicted of a crime.

The first case should be easy to overturn, but it’s not.  Neither is Conner who has Assistant DA Sam Spencer spy on Hayes, and calls her bluff when she tries to get herself fired.  Conner’s tough love is a turn-on.

But, it all gets worse when she finds out that her mother, the former First Lady who is running for Senate, was the one behind job offer. If Hayes quits, she is going to jail.

She better work, despite her demons, because this is really her last second chance.  She needs this job as much as the wrongfully convicted need her brilliance.  It’s time to follow her mother’s advice: “Do your best.  For once.”

When Alice (Jenna Elfman) was a little girl her family life was… downright crappy.  Growing up in a broken home with no siblings, five-year-old Alice was on her own until the day she dreamed up her very own imaginary friend, Mary, a snuggly, fiercely loyal, foul-mouthed creature who would give Alice the love and support she needed.

With Mary’s help, shy little Alice grew into a kickass woman who rocks a karaoke mic, runs her own PR firm repping famous athletes and avoids relationships and commitments at all costs.  No family life, pudgy husband or mom jeans for Alice, thank you very much.  At least that was the plan Mary and Alice had agreed on many years ago, which is why Mary “disappeared” from Alice’s life.  But like any imaginary friend, Mary has been lurking in the back of Alice’s mind.  And Mary has decided it’s time to come back, because suddenly… the plan is blowing up.

If you ask Mary, Alice is now about to throw away EVERYTHING because she has “stupidly” fallen in love with Ben (Stephen Schneider), a good-looking, adorable, quick-witted divorced dad of three:  Andy, 16, a kind hearted, outgoing neurotic whose biggest obstacle is himself; Dora, 14, a fan-girl super geek and the toughest nut to crack; and Bunny, 6, sweet and adorable but obsessed with life’s darkest mysteries.  So when Alice agrees to finally meet the kids, Mary returns to convince Alice to “dump the chump” and his “annoying” kids – she’s a cuddly badass on a mission.  Of course, even though Mary’s looking out for Alice, she’s also giving voice to Alice’s deepest fears that were formed in her less-than-perfect childhood — she won’t be able to make a serious relationship last, she lacks the maternal instincts to be a “mom type person” to Ben’s kids, families only end in disaster.   According to Mary, there’s only one option:  run!

But it doesn’t look like Mary’s misguided efforts, Alice’s lack of mothering experience, or even Ben’s kids can break apart true love.  With Ben’s help and the realization that there may be something special – maybe even joyous – about family life after all, Alice is ready to take small steps toward the next stage of her life.  But since there is no guarantee that things will work out, Mary has decided she’ll stick around so she can “help” Alice through this transition.  And so in series Mary will give voice to the unfiltered, uncensored thoughts we all have about family life from time to time, while we root for Alice and this evolving family to find their way.

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