Website Lets You Create Custom Video Intros a la Pixar, Disney, Other Studios

Custom Pixar-inspired Introduction by iVipidEver watch a movie, see those fancy movie studios’ introductions and secretly wish it were your name up there instead? Now one site is making it all possible and more with its do-it-yourself, plug-n-play custom video generator. For just a couple of bucks (and even free in many cases, if you don’t mind the site’s logo on it) allows you to create your own custom knock-offs from studios such as Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney (albeit a relatively old one), 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Lucasfilm and many more. There are also more generic video templates offered, including some that allow you to supply your own images to receive the video treatment. Also available are special mobile editions designed to operate in conjunction with a video caller-id app for the Android operating system.

To  get started, visit, select a template and get started. For those templates that are marked free, you won’t even need an account — the only restrictions is they will be branded and you are limited to just one free video per day. Otherwise, you’ll want to create an account and purchase credits via PayPal. Pricing for each video depends only on the resolution of the video which can go all the way up to 1920×1080 (view the pricing page for more details). After you’ve selected your template and size, it’s just a matter of plugging in the customizable details (customized areas and field lengths vary between templates) and setting the generator on its way and in just about ten minutes, you’ll have your very own custom intro to share with the world.

Barring any potential copyright infringement issues aside (i.e. get this done as soon as you can and download the videos rather than just leaving them on the site), the site is pretty straightforward and simple to use and the video templates are absolutely top notch. Although you can download your videos to keep, the site also stores them online for you and even lets you embed them. It also offers one-click options to share via YouTube (it will actually upload your video to your account for you), Facebook and Twitter.

For the best deal, check out the Star Wars template which not only includes the Lucasfilm title and the animated Star Wars title, but you can create your own custom scroll too.

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