‘Where’s My Water’ ”10 Days of Swampy’ Full Preview and Walk-thru (Spoiler)

'Where's My Water?' 10 Days of Swampy PromotionAs we announced yesterday, Disney Interactive did not disappoint when it introduced its third expansion to the amazingly popular ‘Where’s My Water?‘ app for Apple iOS and Android devices. In addition to the new chapter, ‘Stretched Thin,’ which introduces water balloons and new physics, Disney also released ‘Where’s My Water? Free‘ which features ten exclusive levels in addition to another ten levels being released over the course of ten days, beginning with yesterday. The campaign titled ’10 Days of Swampy’ leads into the New Year and will reward players who managed to Tri-Duck it with five of Swampy’s favorite levels from the premium version of the game.

As for all but the earliest of levels, we have produced a full video walk-thru of Chapter 7, ‘Stretched Thin’ to assist anyone who may be experiencing difficulty in achieving a full Tri-Duck, All Collectibles solution. This time around, we have broken it up into two parts:

Part 1 includes solutions for 7-1 Drop and Pop!, 7-2 Burst Your Bubble, 7-3 Geyser, 7-4 Balloon Bridge, 7-5 Jagged Edge, 7-6, Down the Hatch, 7-7 Trust Fall, 7-8 Waterbed, 7-9 Up and Over, 7-10 Mirror Image and 7-11 Juicer:

Part 2 includes solutions for 7-12 Hot Air Balloon, 7-13 Bankshot, 7-14 Pipe Organ, 7-15 Balloon Journey, 7-16 Be Careful Burning Bridges, 7-17 Might as Well Jump, 7-18 Booby Trap Staircase, 7-19 Easily Swayed, 7-20 Ballon Gauntlet and bonus levels B13 and B14:

As a special treat, we just couldn’t wait to find and open our presents early, so we figured out how to unlock all Ten Days of Swampy. NOTE: Do not watch or read any further if you wish to keep yourself free of any spoilers:

The levels are: 2-1 Sloop It!, 2-2 Kitchen Timer, 2-3 Particle Accelerator, 2-4 Leaky Elevator, 2-5 Double Door, 2-6 Controlled Blast, 2-7 Out of Order, 2-8 Cyclical, 2-9 Higher and Higher, 2-10 Around the Bend. Tri-ducking them will unlock the following ‘Swampy’s Picks’ levels from the full version: 3-1 Mind the Gap, 3-2 What Goes Up…, 3-3 Bottleneck, 3-4 Steam Cleaning, 3-5 Jagged Edge

P.S. Want to know how we managed to unlock all ten levels so soon? Check back in eight days.

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