‘Where’s My Water?’ Update Turns Up the Heat; Full Video Walk-Thru Available

'Where's My Water?' 'Boiling Point' UpdateSwampy the Gator’s perpetual quest for a bath in Disney Interactive’s ‘Where’s My Water?’ app for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android devices caused some temperatures to rise yesterday as 20 new levels were introduced. The second update of its kind since the game’s release just a couple of months ago, ‘Boiling Point’ introduces the element of steam to the game along with new physics to tease players through the additional levels.

In the update, steam rises and has the ability to pass through algae and turn back to water when hitting icy patches located throughout the complicated sewer system. In addition to the elements introduced in Chapter Six, the new levels also continue to take advantage of elements introduced in the second update, Chapter Five: Change is Good, in which elements such as the poison, ooze, water (and now steam) can be converted into other elements when needed to solve the various puzzles.

'Where's My Water?' 'Boiling Point' Comic PanelAlso returning in the game’s update is the developers’ uncanny sense of humor. Level 6-17, titled ‘Jumping Gigawatts!’ pays homage to the 1985 classic, Back to the Future, with its initial layout taking inspiration from the DeLorean’s flux capacitor. Also returning are some very interesting alligator-interpretations of every day human ‘collectibles,’ such as the ‘all terrain marker.’

As usual, we have produced an exclusive video walk-thru of all 20 levels in ‘Boiling Point’ as well as both additional bonus levels. The video guide will assist you in getting all 3 ducks (tri-duck) in each level as well as each of the collectibles required to play the bonus levels.

You can find all of our video walk-thrus for the previous chapters in the game on our YouTube channel.

‘Where’s My Water?’ stars Swampy the Alligator, Disney’s first original character for mobile devices. Since launching on the App Store on September 22, the app has been No. 1 in 30 different countries.  Most recently, Disney announced that Swampy will make his debut online in a 12 episode web series titled Where’s My Water?, the Adventures of Swampy. The 3-4 minute weekly episodes are slated to launch on Disney Online in early 2012.

‘Where’s My Water?’ is available for $0.99 from the App Store. For a limited time, you can also get the app for free through the official App Store Facebook page.

New levels include 6-1 Hot and Cold, 6-2 Steam Cleaning, 6-3 Stop Up Top, 6-4 Rise and Fall, 6-5 A Cleaner Approach, 6-6 Catch and Release, 6-7 Branches and Loops, 6-8 Through the Bridge, 6-9 Forks and Funnels, 6-10 Below the BBQ, 6-11 A Race to the Finish, 6-12 Revolving Door, 6-13 Race the Ooze, 6-14 Steam Powered, 6-15 Ventilation Shaft, 6-16 Steam Quarantine, 6-17 Jumping Gigawatts!, 6-18 Up is Down, 6-19 Through and Through and 6-20 Steam Journey.

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