‘Where’s My Water? 2′ Prepping to Launch with ‘Battle of the Duckies’

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'Where's My Water? 2' 'Battle of the Duckies'Disney Mobile is preparing to launch ‘Where’s My Water? 2,’ the sequel to its mobile gaming sensation which has since spawned a series of spin-offs including ‘Wheres My Perry?’ and ‘Where’s My Mickey?,’ along with several free and holiday editions of the apps.

Since its launch, the original ‘Where’s My Water?’ has also continued to evolve with new levels and new ways to play with expansions such as ‘Cranky’s Story’ and ‘Allie’s Story.’

About a week ago, lead developer Tim FitzRandolph actually teased the new project by tweeting out a photo of some celebratory cookies featuring Swampy alongside the numeral 2 ‘constructed’ of pipes which led a few to catch on, while many just thought it was marking the two year anniversary of the original app’s release.

To promote ‘Where’s My Water? 2,’ Disney is involving the community with a virtual election titled the ‘Battle of the Duckies!’ in which visitors to the battleoftheduckies.com website have the opportunity to vote for the duckie they’d like to see in ‘Where’s My Water? 2.’ Running for a seat in the game are Cat Duckie, Pirate Duckie, Vampire Duckie, 80s Duckie and Hip-hop Duckie, each with their own short bio to help their gaming constituents elect the proper representative.

Voting ends September 12.

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