Sneak Peek: ‘Where’s My Water?’ Update Gives Fans Something to Stream About

Where's My Water 'Caution to the Wind' UpdateAfter what appears to be alligator years of anticipation and teases, Disney Interactive Studios will finally release its latest pack of puzzles for the paid version of ‘Where’s My Water?,’ ‘Caution to the Wind’ tomorrow. The upgrade, which remains free to those who have already purchased the $.99 app, adds fans to the mix which allows players to combine logic and the power of wind to control the streams of liquids throughout the sewers all in the name of getting mascot Swampy clean.

Screenshot from 'Where's My Water?' 'Caution to the Wind' UpdateThis example screenshot, provided to us by Disney, shows the fans in action. Using water to control the power cubes, the pre-placed fans can be turned on and off in order to accomplish the required level task. Here, the fans are turned on to combine poison with clean water to produce more poison water in an effort to clear out the blue trigger.

As usual, we expect to produce a video ‘Caution to the Wind’ walk-through of all 20 levels and accompanying bonus levels, so please continue to watch this space.

To download the updated app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, click here.

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