Woman Alleges Sexual Battery in Lawsuit Against Walt Disney World, et al

Marjory Marchand of New York filed a lawsuit in United States District Court earlier this weeking seeking damages in excess of $75,000 from Walt Disney World, Niki Bryan Spas and GF Spa Ltd. Through the complaint, Marchand stated that in July of 2008, as part of a Walt Disney World vacation, she participated in a private massage taking place at the Grand Floridian resort. It was during the massage that Marchand alleges she was violated sexually by a male masseur, resulting in ‘lack of trust, anger, irritability, anxiety, nightmares, panic attacks, feelings of abandonment shame, feelings of being unclean, fear of being alone, poor mood, feeling distracted, confused, and in self-doubt.’

Although the complaint acknowledges that the spa in question is operated by an outside vendor, it includes the Walt Disney World Resort in the action stating that Disney initially represented itself as providing and being directly responsible for the services and did not take necessary measures to protect guests from said harm regardless of the actual service provider.

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4 thoughts on “Woman Alleges Sexual Battery in Lawsuit Against Walt Disney World, et al

  1. You know, if she had filed a police report or even filed charges right after it happened, I would be more inclined to believe the story. But waiting over a year and a half makes me suspicious. And before everyone starts flaming, I have been the victim of abuse and do not like when women 'use' that excuse to get what they want. I take this story with several grains of salt. I apologize in advance if I am proven wrong.

  2. Oh that poor woman! I know from personal experience that it can take over a year, after a police report is filed, for the case to come to a trial. Too bad our court system can't work quicker. Good luck M.M.!

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