‘Wonders of Life’ Pavilion at Epcot Tagged for ‘Selective Demolition’

The Wonders of Life pavilion as it appeared in 2006Yesterday, Walt Disney Imagineering filed a notice of commencement with the Orange County Comptroller’s office to indicate intentions for ‘selective demolition’ to take place at Epcot’s ‘Wonders of Life’ pavilion. The notice comes just a just a few short weeks prior to the theme park’s 30th anniversary.

The pavilion, which initially opened in 1989 under sponsorship of MetLife, who would eventually drop sponsorship in 2001. The pavilion, which celebrated its last hurrah during the holiday season in 2006, has slowly transformed itself into the theme park’s ‘Festival Center,’ with access to ‘Body Wars’ being sealed off and the theaters for ‘Cranium Command’ and ‘The Making of Me’ being repurposed to hold festival-related docs and presentations. The future for the original theming of the pavilion, with its iconic double-helix DNA structure outside, grew ever more bleak, with reports often stating that should the pavilion ever return, it would not be in the familiar form it once was.

This prediction seemingly continues to be the case with the latest filing, which has Tampa-based Kimmins Contracting Group performing the work. Just what the work entails is anyone’s guess at this point as the textbook ‘definition’ of selective demolition is pretty vague and can involve virtually anything short of razing the entire building itself, but usually does involve modifying the physical form of the building in some capacity all the while maintaining the structure’s integrity.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe it based simply on this filing, but could Walt Disney World be preparing to make an announcement regarding the pavilion’s future just in time for Epcot’s 30th on October 1?

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7 thoughts on “‘Wonders of Life’ Pavilion at Epcot Tagged for ‘Selective Demolition’

  1. I understand that this pavilion has come and gone, seen better days, but has engraved itself in Epcot history. I hypothesize the selective demolition might involve what’s left of the Body Wars theaters, but nobody knows yet. However, there is one legend obscure by today’s standards, and standing up for him, I am making his clear: nobody would put Buzzy in a grave! Nobody!

    • He might be still there,or if it gets re themed to a weather pavilion maybe he will re themed too! Like his name for instance,his first name will still be Buzzy but his last name will have to be changed into weather,as in Mr.Weather.

  2. You know this might be a good thing,it could be replaced by something with the same subject,or something completely different[for example the fan-favorite weather pavilion]

  3. Personally, I’ve always thought the Wonders of Life pavilion was the weakest in Epcot. Boring attractions on a boring subject, with far too much emphasis on education. First, you must entertain. If you can slip in some education, so much the better. But priority-wise, entertain first. I won’t miss the Wonders of Life at all.

    I’m still waiting to see those smiling, laughing children thoroughly entertained by “The Making of Me”. /sarcasm.

    • Sometimes, you have to think of things in the way a child might. A child might actually find the inside of their body actually quite interesting. As for “The Making of Me,” there was a sign out front about mature subject manner outside of the pavilion for a reason. You must think of the little details.

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