‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Hi-Res Triptych, ‘Felix Meets Sgt. Calhoun’ Clip

Wreck-It Ralph TriptychIn honor of Wreck-It Ralph‘s debut in theaters tomorrow, Walt Disney Animation Studios has provided us with this hi-res image which they refer to as a standee, but essentially amounts to a triptych which combines the worlds of ‘Sugar Rush,’ ‘Fix-It Felix Jr.’ and ‘Hero’s Duty.’ Unfortunately the original image is a bit too large to share here, but we trimmed it down just enough to fit, so be sure to click on the image to expand it, then find and click on the resize arrow to see it at its much larger version.

Also, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a new clip from the film, titled ‘Felix Meets Sgt. Calhoun,’ in which Fix-It Felix r. — on a quest to bring back Wreck-It Ralph from ‘Hero’s Duty’ — has a chance encounter with Sgt. Tammy Calhoun of the Space Marines, in a moment we believe could only be topped if it broke into slow-motion with Gary Wright’s ‘Dreamweaver’ blasting in the background. If only it weren’t for those pesky Cy-bugs.

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