‘Wreck-It Ralph’ ‘Behind the Screens’ Viral Video, ‘Ralph and Vanellope Make a Deal’ Clip

'Wreck-It Ralph' 'Behind the Screens' DocumentaryAs an anonymous expert once famously put it, ‘video game characters? they’re a lot more complicated than you think.’ And thanks to Walt Disney Studios NZ, we’ve uncovered this shocking expose on the villain Wreck-It Ralph from the classic 1982 arcade video game, ‘Fix-It Felix, Jr.’ According to the documentary, filmed a la VH1’s ‘Behind the Music,’ we learn that life wasn’t always smashing for Ralph and how he broke new ground (as well as other things) trying to change his life for the better.

A new clip titled ‘Ralph and Vanellope Make a Deal’ has also been released in which Ralph goes on a rampage after learning the medal he got in ‘Hero’s Duty’ may be lost forever unless he forges a deal with Vanellope and helps her take first place in a round of ‘Sugar Rush,’ in which the odds are stacked incredibly high against her.

Wreck-It Ralph crashes into theaters on November 2, 2012. Tickets are also still available to see it early in New York City on Sunday, October 28 at the IFC Center via the New York International Children’s Film Festival. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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