‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Features Include ‘Paperman,’ Disney Intermission with Chris Hardwick

'Wreck-It Ralph' on Blu-RayAhead of any official announcement, we have received a list of the bonus features that will be available when Wreck It Ralph from Walt Disney Animation Studios becomes available to own on 3D Blu-ray on March 5 (now available for pre-order).

First up is confirmation that Paperman, the groundbreaking short that played before Wreck-it Ralph in theaters will be included as one of the Blu-ray bonus features.

The Blu-ray will also include Disney’s new favorite element, Disney Intermission, which is a special viewing mode that takes place when you put the film on pause. This time around, Disney Intermission consists of ‘The Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-It Ralph,’ hosted by Nerdist Chris Hardwick.

Also included is a documentary titled ‘Bit By Bit: Creating The Worlds Of Wreck-It Ralph’ where viewers ‘game jump through the worlds of the film with the filmmakers, artists and animators who created it.’

In addition, the Blu-ray bonus features include the viral faux commercials for Fix-It Felix, Jr., Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush plus deleted and alternate scenes.

We will provide more information as it becomes available to us.

UPDATE #1: 1/3/13 – We have received additional details via the official press release. There will be four alternate/deleted scenes, each with an introduction and optional commentary by director Rich Moore. Additionally, the Disney Intermission with Chris Hardwick will feature ten segments offering an inside look at the many video game references, Disney references and other hidden surprises featured in the film.

UPDATE #2: 1/3/13 – Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the film will be released via digital download on February 12, well ahead of the Blu-ray.

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