Beats Us: Will the ‘Disney Xperience’ Include XPass? New ‘Unlock the Magic’ Fan Club?

Our ‘daily’ research has unveiled a couple of recent moves by The Walt Disney Company and while we don’t know enough about them to provide any additional information beyond the registrations themselves, we felt they were interesting enough to warrant an empty mention (i.e., this space intentionally left blank for future information).

Our first item of note is something known as the ‘Disney Xperience’ which comes to us via domain recent name registrations. Although the domain names themselves can’t be tied directly to Disney, we believe them to be legitimate as the company sometimes attempts to disguise registrations. In any case, the Disney Xperience will someday be found online at sites such as DISNEYXPERIENCE.COM, DISNEYXPERIENCE.NET, MYDISNEYXPERIENCE.COM and MYDISNEYXPERIENCE.NET. For preventative measure, MYDISNEYEXPERIENCE.COM and MYDISNEYEXPERIENCE.NET have also been registered. MYMAGICPLUS.COM and MYMAGICPLUS.NET have also recently been registered but we’re not positive if they’re related, or even Disney, although it seems likely based on the circumstantial.

Your guess is better than ours as to what it may mean but given that the latter domain names seem to point to an online service and the X factor, we’re leaning towards something to do with the reportedly upcoming Disney Parks XPass service which will allow select guests to essentially schedule virtually everything (including breakdowns) months in advance.

In related news, Disney recently filed a few trademark applications for ‘Unlock the Magic.’ Most of them are for the usual, humdrum items such as clothing, keychains, jewelry, stationery, books and the like, but one is for ‘education and entertainment services; fan club services; providing information via global computer networks in the field of entertainment and history.’ Although Disney’s legal department is ‘of size,’ we can generally ascertain which business unit the trademark application is for based on who files for it. The rub here, however, is that the individual who filed the applications seems to be new to the process, so there’s no previous history to guess whether whose venture this will be.

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