Your PhotoPass Magic Shot Photos Wanted and a Few Updates

The Definitive Guide to Disney’s PhotoPass is long overdue for a facelift and I’m shamelessly asking for your support – especially if you’ve found the site to be helpful to you in the past.

I’d like to replace the current magic shot samples with larger, unmasked versions. So if anyone can contribute their magic shot photos to the site, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m even welcoming the same magic shot multiple times from different families as I will be able to display varying examples in a couple of different ways. If you are willing to help, please email them directly to Please make sure these are the full size images however and not copies directly off the PhotoPass website. Also preferably without any additional borders added (but any are welcome).

Shots from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and the World of Disney NYC are all welcome.

On the topic of magic shots, Stitch Kingdom reader Cynthia has alerted us that there is a new shot introduced this past month. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, on Sunset Boulevard with Tower of Terror in the background, PhotoPass offers a Mickey Balloon shot where a bouquet of balloons is inserted into your hands. No further details are currently available (hopefully an example photo will be available soon).

On PhotoPass in general, the website now accepts both the Disney Gift Card and the Disney Rewards card as forms of payment.

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